The Shack Review
Trailer Trash: Getting Dumped Edition
New on DVD ~ March 14th
Opening March 17th, 2017

Opening March 17th, 2017

So are we going to love the live action version more than the animated on? Hummmm This is kinda scary. You or your co-workers? Hummmm A documentary about taking down a prymid scheme. Wow I…

Trailer Trash: Animated Edition
2017 ABFF Talent Submissions
Kong: Skull Island Review
New on DVD ~ March 7th
Opening March 10, 2017

Opening March 10, 2017

Well at least this time Kong isn’t a blood crazy gorilla out to kill humans. I guess that’s a step up. If no other reason to see this movie, see it for Shirley MacLaine. This…

Logan Review