The Lion King Review
Trailer Trash: Biography Edition
New on DVD ~ July 16th
Opening July 19, 2019

Opening July 19, 2019

Inside the mind of Trey Anastasio, the frontman of Phish. If you are a fan of the band, Phish, then you’ll really like this documentary. Paging all David Crosby fans, this documentary is for you!…

Stuber Review
Trailer Trash: Disney Live-Action
New on DVD ~ July 9th
Opening July 12, 2019

Opening July 12, 2019

A man who is scared of just about everything takes karate classes. It’s a dark comedy. I think I’ll wait for DVD or cable. But it looks kinda funny. A documentary about the young surfer…

Spider-Man: Far From Home
Trailer Trash: Women Rule Edition