Trailer Trash: Oooh-That-Looks-Good Edition
New on DVD ~ August 20th
Opening August 23, 2019

Opening August 23, 2019

Part 3 in the series. To be honest, I don’t want a part 4. We’re good! I hope this one is just as good as the other 2! A new type of coming-of-age movie. It…

Trailer Trash: Sequel Edition
Good Boys Review
New on DVD ~ August 13th
Opening August 16, 2019

Opening August 16, 2019

Nope! Just let me know how it ends! I just want to know if all of the friends live! I didn’t see the first one, will that hurt me seeing the second one? I will…

Brian Banks Review
Hobbs & Shaw Review
New on DVD ~ August 6th