A Chat with LaMonica Garrett of Designated Survivor

11 Questions for LaMonica Garrett plus a random one…

1) What has it been like playing Mike on Designated Survivor?
It’s been great. As the season goes on, I’ve come to find more and more of myself in Ritter. Always exploring…

2) What attracted you to the show?
The pilot was one of the best I’ve ever read, and the cast is incredibly talented. And the timing of a show like this with our current political landscape, to me it was a no brainer

3) Reading your bio, you played football in college, if you wouldn’t have gotten injured, would you have liked to have played in the NFL? And for what team?
I think in the back of most kids minds somewhere is the dream to become a professional athlete. I would have loved to continue playing football in the NFL, but it wasn’t in the cards for me. I’m a 49er fan being from San Francisco, so that would have been like a dream. But I’m currently living another dream so it all worked out.

4) Looking at your resume, you’ve played a lot of police officers, what other types of characters would you like to play?
I’m a big guy so I usually get cast in authoritative roles. I’m ok with that, would be fun to play a villain here and there. I can definitely see it in my future.

5) You’ve done some work behind the camera, are you interested in directing, writing and more producing?
I’ve produced a project or two. I’ve been writing a lot lately so that’s something I’d probably pursue next. Not thinking about directing much, but who knows what the future holds.

6) Do you think staring in the movie, “The Duke” was a turning point in your career?
‘The Duke was the first time where I was in a position to carry a film as the lead. Learned a lot from it. Not sure if it was a turning point in my career, but I definitely grew from it.

7) It seems that you like to workout, what is your workout routine?
Working out is a great stress release, and it anchors me. I do heated Yoga 3 to 4 times a week, and I’ll hit the gym a few days a week as well. Nothing heavy, light resistance training, high reps.

8) When people first meet you, they must be intimidated by your size, what is one thing that people underestimate about you?
I’ve been told I have an intimidating presence, but people that know me say I’m nothing like some of the tough guy characters I portray. I don’t take myself to serious and I’m usually the one joking around and making people laugh.

9) Do you get recognized more, now that you are on Designated Survivor? What’s that like?
I get recognized here and there from Designated Survivor and a few of my past projects. Like Sons of Anarchy….

10) If you could star in a remake of a classic movie, what movie would it be and why?
I’m one of those people that believe certain classic films should be left alone, but if I were to star in a remake I would love to do ‘A Raisin In The Sun. I’m a huge fan of Sidney Poitier on and off screen. And I remember watching it with my parents when I was younger and how it affected me.

11) When you aren’t working, what do you do for fun?
Either reading a comic book, biographies, watching Sports Center, the History channel, playing poker, or just hanging with friends and family.

Random Question
What is the one thing that you would love for your fans to know about you?

Without Jesus I wouldn’t be where I am today, or the man I’ve grown into. With humility I always give praise.