New on DVD ~ November 19th
Opening November 22, 2019

Opening November 22, 2019

This really looks good. I can’t wait to see Chadwick kick some more butt! I am sooooo excited to see this movie! OMG! I can’t wait! I know we’ve seen this movie before, but it…

Charlie’s Angels Review
Trailer Trash: Thriller Edition
New on DVD ~ November 12th
Opening November 15, 2019

Opening November 15, 2019

How many times are they going to remake Charlie’s Angles? Is there going to be something new? I hope so! I have to admit, this looks kinda interesting. With this cast, this movie should be…

Last Christmas Review
Terminator: Dark Fate Review
Trailer Trash: Black Love Edition
New on DVD ~ November 5th
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