If you are a fan of the Transformers series, then I’m sure that you are excited about this movie. I will totally admit that I’ve never been a fan of the series. There were too many issues for me, but I will say that Bumblebee was very entertaining.

This is the first one in the franchise that answered some of my questions. Why did they come to Earth? Who came first? I still don’t know why they are at war and why the turn into human cars and plans. That never made since to me but whatever.

Bumblebee is a lot of fun and very entertaining. The story was overall solid. It started in 1987 but we don’t know if everything happens in ’87. That’s a little important at one point in the movie.

It is a solid movie. There is a lot of comedy along with action. Would have like to have seen more transformers. Although seeing Bumblebee transform several times was great but would have loved to see more.

It’s worth seeing. Maybe not full price, but on the big screen is a must. You’ll enjoy this movie and depending on what kind of Transformers fan you are is how high you’ll rank this movie. I really like it.

Grade: B

Reviewed by Nix

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