Collateral Beauty Review

If you’ve seen the trailer for this movie, you think you know the story but you don’t. It’s not as cut and dry as a man who has lost his daughter and trying to deal with the lost. It is really the story of the man and his friends dealing with different types of lost in their lives. Whoa!

The way that the story unfolds, it seems simple until you watch the little details. It’s the little things that make this story and they are surprising. Okay, yeah, I’m a movie critic so I figured out stuff early than my friends who I went to the movies with, but I was so engaged that I had to know if my theory was right and if I really knew what was happening. Although I was right, I loved how everything unfolded.

I know all of that sounds vague but I can’t go into details without giving it away. I will say this, go see this movie but if you have recently lost someone or someone you love is about to pass away, rent it so you can cry at home. Otherwise, this is a BEAUTIFUL movie that must be seen. This movie truly takes Will Smith’s acting to another level and you’ll fall in love with Naomie Harris.

Grade: A
Reviewed by: Nix

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