First Purge Review

If movie reviews were only based on how FINE the lead actors are, this movie would get a B+!!! That Y’lan Noel sure is easy on the eyes!!! It was refreshing to see another Hollywood movie with an attractive brother that saves the day!!!!

Now on to how I truly feel about The First Purge. First of all, I have been a fan of the Purge movies from day one. The concept is basically based on a technique America uses to so call cleanse Americans with one night of anything goes. The sad thing is that those less privileged have less protection or money to survive this night of mass murder and mayhem. Resulting in the poor, homeless, and less fortunate losing their lives-which I think is the goal of the government in these movies.

The First Purge is a prequel, based in Staten Island, that explains how the purge idea came about. It started out as a social experiment to see how many would actually participate and kill if they could with no consequences. People were convinced to participate because they were offered money. Which means those that were poor were more likely to take part. Once the 12 hour purge experiment started the government wasn’t prepared for the participants to wait out the night and not actually kill each other. Because the citizens of Staten Island wouldn’t kill as often as needed, the government brought in people acting as citizens to kill any and everyone they saw. This made the media footage look like the experiment was working when in fact it wasn’t. People really didn’t want to kill even though they were given the chance.

I liked the concept and the attempt but I wasn’t impressed by the movie. Unfortunately, it depicted the black community in such a negative way!! It was horrible. The “N” word was used so excessively when it wasn’t necessary. It was so embarrassing to watch so many stereotypes in this film that never felt realistic. The acting was just ok. It wasn’t very convincing. There were a few scenes that were convincing but not enough. Overall, I was pretty disappointed by this prequel. I give the movie a C-.

Grade: C-
Reviewed by: April H

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