Moana Review

It seems like we’ve been waiting for a new Disney Princess movie to come out? It’s been since 2013! Okay 3 years but it’s been since 2009 that we had a minority as a princess. YAY!
I was excited and nervous when I went to see the movie. I’ve seen the trailers but I still didn’t know much about the story. I knew that Moana was the chief’s daughter which makes her a princess and the ocean had chosen her for an adventure with the demigod Maui. That’s it.

In true Disney form, they explain everything nicely and you get a true understand of the story. I could totally believe that this might be a Polynesian legend. The art was beautiful. It makes me miss hand drawn artwork, but this computer animation is some of the best. The story basically tells us that we need to take care of Mother Earth or it will destroy us. Point taken.
Overall, I recommend going to see this one. I can’t say that I loved the music. It was missing that one song that you’ll keep singing after the movie. I have to say except for Frozen; Disney hasn’t been doing that great with the music. That’s strange. I need them to work on that. They have Dwayne Johnson rapping which is funny but you won’t be singing it after the movie ends.
I’m giving Moana an A-. It would get a solid A if the music was better, but I laughed and really enjoyed the movie. Kids will love it and the big kid you will love it too!
Grade: A-

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