Moonlight Review


Usually when I read a movie review I expect to find out something about the movie to help me decide weather or not it will be worth my time and money to go see it. You won’t find that here, not this time, not this movie. This is a movie that is best seen only if you know nothing about it. Its that kind of a movie. Its that good.


What I will tell you is the acting is outstanding. I will go see any movie Mahersala Ali is in, that’s a fact. I will go see any movie Naomie Harris is in. Janelle Monae has become a Super Star. Her ability to act is exceptional. I like “B”, BUT Monae, really has it ALL. Trevante Rhodes, wow, deep is the only expression I can use to characterize his portrayal. The young actors, the young kids who were in the movie having played in this movie have no where to go but up.


So, go see the movie. Everyone who sees it will have a different reaction, will see something there that grabs them. For me it came down to a definition of what is normal. My definition of normal maybe different from yours, but neither of us has the right to say that my definition is the “right one” and “yours is wrong or deviant”. No one has that right and the sooner we adopt that attitude the sooner we can come together and “straighten this whole thing out”.

Grade: A for the performances
Reviewed by: Rob Williams

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