Ocean’s 8 Review

This movie is SUPER ENTERTAINING!!! I’m not someone that has watched any of the past Ocean’s movies so I was extremely worried that I would be lost and bored without knowing the back story. Not to mention because I was simply oblivious! WRONG!!!! This is a movie that anyone can watch and follow even if you haven’t seen any of the original movies. It’s somewhat family friendly too, which I found surprising. The all-female cast was fun and catchy!!! There was a quick scene of a painting that looks like Queen Elizabeth Tudor in a museum which I loved because Cate Blanchett played Queen Elizabeth in Elizabeth: The Golden Age, one of my favorite movies. Sandra Bullock was cool, calm, and collected-perfect for her role as Debbie Ocean! Rihanna was a pleasant surprise and did well as the savvy hacker behind the plan named Nine Ball.

Ocean’s 8 is about Debbie Ocean’s clever plan to steal the most expensive piece of jewelry around. She needs some help so she recruits several ladies to make it happen. Each recruit has a specific skill that makes them beyond perfect for the job!! There’s comedy, drama, and a little action. It’s a great combination! There hasn’t been an all-female robbery movie that I can recall since- Set it Off.

I really enjoyed the movie and would see it again. Casting couldn’t have been more perfect as each character in the movie was portrayed by every actor excellently! The ending wasn’t the most creative or interesting but overall, the movie was great. I think it’s the start of more future Ocean’s 8 all- female sequels. Definitely worth seeing!!

Grade: B+
Reviewed by: April Henderson

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