Opening April 12th

It looks like the same-o same-o crazy boyfriend type of movie. I really hope it has a cool twist other wise, we’ve seen this all before. Yawn.

Oh wow! Although I hate movies with subtitles, I might have to check this one out. Very interesting story.

Are you ready for the next anti-superhero movie? This one looks funny. Not as crazy as Deadpool, but in that kinda silly humor. It might be worth seeing.

Everytime I watch this trailer, I laugh. This looks really funny. I’m excited to see this movie!

Parents get ready to go to the movies. I can’t say that this is one of the animated movies that I’m going to the theater to see. I’ll wait for cable.

Not really sure where this movie is suppose to be going. I know that Leo is 22 and a prositute but beyond that I have nothing!

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