Opening April 6, 2018

This movie looks really funny to me. And it’s prom season. Parents you might need to go see this just on GP! LOL

I hope this is good!

Awwww a boy and a horse….awwww ok I’m not going to the movies to see this unless the starts walking on 2 legs and talking.

Okay we’ve seen several movies like this but the twist in this one is that it’s girls playing volleyball. Hummmm

Somebody tell me how this ends! No first tell me why you would give a little child a toy with batteries in place that is supposed to be quiet?

This reminds me of the 2007 movie, ‘Mr. Brooks’ staring Kevin Costner, Dane Cook and Demi Moore. I hope it has the same kind of twist in it.

A very sad and disturbing movie. Wow

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