Opening April 7, 2017

A documentary about swing dancing and the magic of it. WOW!

A true story about trying to prove that Christ doesn’t exists but proving that He does. Interesting.

If only I liked movies with subtitles. LOL

We all might have a monster inside but when it decides to come out to play, we might have a problem. Looks like an interesting movie for Anne Hathaway.

Is it just me or does this movie remind you of a mix of Hidden Figures meets I am Sam?

This movie looks so funny to me! I’m a little excited to see it.

WOW, what would a father do for his daughter. WOW

A documentary about the Rock & Roll photographer, Mick Rock.

This is the first one of the Smurf reboot that I’m a little excited about. I used to be a huge Smurf fan! LOL

A different take on WW II. I don’t remember seeing from this angle. Hummmm

Okay so for all of the horror fans out there, tell me how it ends.

This is an interesting animated film.

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