Opening August 9, 2019

This looks pretty good. I like seeing Michelle Williams in these dramatic roles.

Another movie about a talking dog. WOW! Well at lease this one doesn’t travel across the country or comes back from the dead!

This could be really good. This is high on the must-see list!

I hate to admit that I’m a little excited about this movie. I was just expecting Dora to be younger.

Drugs, gangs, money, strippers, and illness will always make an interesting movie. In any language!

This movie reminds me of the first Bourne movie. It could be okay.

This movie will answer a big questioncan Tiffany Hadish act? Hummm

Awww, this is going to be a cute romantic comedy.

I have to admit, I’ve always wondered about China’s one-child policy. I guess now I’ll get my answers.

This movie looks super sweet. It kinda has a ‘Rain Man’ feel to it.

Horror fans get ready for a new one. I’m good, I’ll watch something, anything else! LOL

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