Opening December 22, 2017

So I can’t believe that they were able to edit Kevin Spacey out of this movie and put Christopher Plummer in his place in about 2 months! WOW! If only some one would leak the original movie so we can compare. Hummmm

Wow, just think about being only a couple of inches high. That would be kinda cool. If nothing else, the special effects in this movie should be nice.

This movie looks really funny. And I love Glenn Close so this might be high on my must see list.

I keep singing the songs in the trailer so I have to see this full movie.

I have nothing for you. I don’t understand this trailer at all.

If this movie is as funny as the trailer, Kevin Hart, Jack Black & Dwayne Johnson will have another hit on their hands.

This is the last one, I hope it’s great. I’m a little excited!

Steven Spielberg + Tom Hanks + Meryl Streep = Oscar nod. You know it! I know it! Let’s just see if this is the movie we’ll be talking about until after the Oscars!

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