Opening December 7, 2018

This looks really dramatic and really good.

No trailer is currently available

I’m sure about this movie. Is it a horror movie? Mental illness? So confused.

The birth of Fox News by its creator, Roger Ailes. Interesting.

This couple proves that being engaged is hard but I don’t think I need to pay money to see this movie. I’ll wait until cable.

No trailer is currently available

Four Jews young people live in Berlin in plain sight. They deny their heritage. Interesting

Truly be careful of those who counsel you. Wow, this looks really good!

They are bringing the award-winning Schindler’s List back to theaters for the 25th anniversary.

I’ve got not nothing. Nothing!

This movie is trying to be Get Out but I don’t think they made it.

This is why we LOVE Natalie Portman! This should be interesting. Reminds me of Black Swan.