Opening February 8, 2019

So this looks like it should be good, but it’s cheaply made so um I’ll wait for cable!

Haven’t we seen this movie before? Is it just me or does this seem like Taken 1, 2 or 3. YawnI need something different from Liam Neeson.

If the movie is as interesting as the trailer, this movie could be really really good!

Totally not shocked that they made a part 2 to this movie! Parents get ready to go see this one and go buy some Legos! LOL

This movie reminds me of the movie, 2009’s Orphan. They even have the same tagline. WOW!

This looks like a cute movie that you might not go see in theaters but you will enjoy if you do.

Yes, we all know that this is a remake of the 2000 movie, What Women Want but the twist makes it look like it will be even funnier than the original!

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