Opening June 14, 2019

A remarkable documentary about the 1st US hospital with a wing dedicated to the AIDS epodemic in the early 80’s. These were the heroes who faught a diecese that no one understood. WOW!

Although we’ve seen the missing mom story several times before, this one looks pretty good. It should be interesting.

A documentary about two young Jewish people thinking about moving to Germany and their families not being happy about it.

One Dad, two families and his one of his sons finds out what’s going on. What could go wrong? EVERYTHING! LOL Kinda want to know how this ends. LOL

This is a crazy zombie movie with Bill Murray. Enough said!

A cute romantic comedy based on a true story. How interesting is that?!

Two people fall in love while working at a warehouse. Cute, I guess but I’ll wait for cable.

There are so many reasons to be excited about this movie. This is a big YES for me!

All I can say about this one is cheating can get you into real trouble even if your spouse doesn’t know!

How can you NOT be excited about this movie! It’s SHAFT! OMG yes!

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