Opening March 13, 2020

This movie reminds me of the Triple X series. It looks interesting, but I’m not expecting an AMAZING movie. But interesting.

Finally, this movie is getting released. I think I’ve heard about this movie for MONTHS! I hope it’s worth the wait!

Awww, this looks like a sweet love story that you might just cry at the end. Awww

This is one of those movies that we’ll love at home sitting on the couch.

We’ve seen this concept many, many, many times. And the release date for this movie has been pushed back at least 3 times. We’ll finally we get to see if this is as cute as it should be.

I really hope this movie is good and has a happy ending.

This looks interesting. I hope it’s good

This should be an interesting movie. The trailer leaves you with a lot of questions.