Opening November 8, 2019

Calling all parents, you know it’s time to take the kiddies to the movies. Hopefully, you’ll enjoy it too.

This looks like a deep movie that will give you a look into a world, Americans don’t see. It could be really good.

If you like The Shining, then you might like part two. Maybe, not really sure from this trailer.

 Shia LaBeouf wrote and is starring in this movie. That is a good thing and it might be a bad thing. Not really sure. The movie is basically about his life and he’s playing his dad in the movie. Hmmm

I have to admit, I’ve always found Imelda Marcos interesting. She basically ran a country from behind the scenes. WOW!

This looks like a cute romantic comedy. I just it’s something a little different in it to make it stand out.

This does look like an interesting war movie. I just hope that it’s about more than just the war.

A documentary about a man who wants to make everyone be able to go the bathroom, comfortably. Can’t be mad at that!

This movie looks cute, but we’ve seen this storyline several times before. I just hope this one will add something new to the average story.

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