Opening on March 23, 2018

An interesting family drama. I just wish I liked movies with subtitles.

I’m saying it now, this movie will be nominated for Best Foreign Language Film next year!

This is a powerful movie that goes right along with the #MeToo movement!

An indie horror thriller movie. I can’t promise I’d pay to see it but I do want to rent it!

This looks like an interesting and haunting movie. Let me know when it comes on cable.

A different take on the movies about dying teenagers. Looks funny and very interesting.

This is an interesting kids movie. Are the monsters real or are they in her mind? Hummmm

This movie looks really cute.

This looks really good. I just wish I liked movies with subtitles! UGH!

That comedy that you are just not prepared for. Get ready to laugh. How hard is the question.

Awwww a sweet love story. Awwwww I think I just watched “A Walk To Remember”.

Did we really need a part 2? Just asking.

I’m not sure where they are going in this one. I get the concept but I’m a little confused.

Parents get ready to go to the movies. Hopefully you’ll enjoy it too.

A really good thriller. Oooh

A documentary for people who love electronic dance music. And for people who don’t love it but want to learn about it, this is your movie!

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