Opening September 22, 2017

Now this should be a good movie. This battle was epic!

I’m really sure about this documentary. I hope the movie is better than the trailer.

This is for the horror movie fans. Ya’ll enjoy this!

Well another WWII movie. Not sure if this will be anything new or different.

Didn’t think they needed a part 2. Part 1 was enough. Let’s see if this one can live up to the first one without Samuel L. Jackson.

Parents get ready to take your kids to see this one. There will be a few jokes for you too! I hope.

Wow!! Things you don’t really think about unless you are need this type of danger. Wow!

There are so many stories like this from the 2013 Boston Bombing. Just wonder what made this story stand out. Hummmm, and will Jake Gyllenhaal win his Oscar with this movie. So many questions.

This movie looks so cute and funny! Don’t now how it’s going to do in the theater but on cable, it’s going to do really well. Sleeper hit!

How cute and timely! We need this movie right now!

Not really sure about this movie. It doesn’t follow a path or at least the trailer doesn’t. This will be a cable movie for me.

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