Pitch Perfect 3 Review

I’m soooooo happy this is the last one in the ‘Pitch Perfect’ series. I’ve enjoyed the movies, but this needed to be the last one. There wasn’t as much excitement to the movie but it was fun. It was everything that we needed to be and it ended the way we needed it to end.

The good thing about the movie was Phat Amy! She stole the movie. She was really funny in this movie and she was featured a lot more than normal. John Lithgow plays Amy’s father and he was his funny self! You couldn’t help but enjoy him on the screen.

The music was fun as always but nothing really new like they did in the other movies. You’ll enjoy it but pay matinee prices or $5 Tuesday. I’m just glad this is the last one!

Grade: C+
Reviewed by: Nix

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