Second Act Review

Second Act
Jennifer LopezLeah Remini
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I must say that I like Jennifer Lopez but for the most part, she just reads lines in a movie. The last time that she really acted in a movie was Selena. Okay she did a little acting in The Cell, but over all she just coast. So I wasn’t sure about  Second Act. Which Jennifer were we going to get? Was this going to be the same-o same-o romantic comedy?

I’m happy to report that it wasn’t! This movie had a nice twist to it. It was fun, engaging and Jennifer did pull some of her acting skills out. Now she didn’t act like she did in Selena, but I did believe that she was this character and not acting like Jennifer Lopez. Thank goodness!

But  I have to say that my girl, Leah Remini stole this movie. She is absolutely hilarious! If for no other reason to see this movie, she is truly the reason. You will enjoy this one! Totally worth seeing.

Grade: B

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